Just like every other small business owner, I hit the bricks every day networking and meeting new clients! I meet them via referrals, networking events and, occasionally, the random phone call. But, no matter where they come from, the same question always seems to arise: “How do I get more sales with social media?”

I get it. You meet or hear about someone every day that swears that social media has changed their business. Some even claim it has MADE their business. Some don’t even bother with search engine optimization or networking or referrals – they claim things like, “I only use Facebook and I’m pretty much retirement ready….just as soon as I turn 30.”

I can’t say for sure that any of those statements are true, exaggerated, false or some fantasy. I can tell you this… there is a very BIG misconception in regards to marketing using social media. No one tells you about it, but here is the dirty little secret…

Social Media is Not for Selling! Social Media is for Engaging!

That’s right, I said it. Argue if you must, but the cold, hard truth is that no one goes to Facebook or Twitter to make a purchase. No one is dying of anticipation to see what new ads will show up in their news feeds.

However….. if you engage your clients, potential clients and followers, you just might turn a sale. Maybe.

Social media is used to build your brand, strengthen your reputation and for good old fashioned communication. It may be the digital age, but people want to know the person behind the computer or smart phone. They want to know about the business owner(s) and the people who work there. They want to see photos of your kids and your animals. They love to see that real, live human beings make things happen!

We are nosy little creatures, so give us what we crave. Give us something share-able, funny, engaging, interesting and most importantly that tells us you know us and understand us.

If you dive head first into social media marketing expecting sales to explode … you may be a little disappointed. In fact, I can almost guarantee it. If you go in with the intent to engage, listen and understand what your audience wants, you become a hero.

And, when your audience is ready to buy…they just might go looking for a hero.

Tammi Murphy, Owner
Blarney Stone Marketing & Design